Ecosystem that stores and makes available data arrays of scholarly articles and publications in blockchain

PRE-ICO: 3 000 ETH
ICO: 60 000 ETH

Project mission

To optimize the exchange of works and other scientific information between scientists around the world. Only such symbiosis of the medical knowledge and platform features will move the world science towards scientific breakthroughs. Our goal is to unite scientists and researchers all over the world and to promote mutual help and open education.

Open access to a big array of distributed medical knowledge from printed and hand-written information sources

Authors will earn money for publications, retaining all the rights

Evident target audience in Eurasia, North America, Africa, South America and Australia

Cross-disciplinary project of the future: medicine, blockchain and big data

The project team includes scholars in the field of medicine, blockchain developers and top managers

Predicting future trends of scientific development

Principles of work

  • Databases of academic papers are aggregated in a single array
  • Search engines provide user access to the system
  • Machine learning determines patterns, processes new data
  • Ecosystem routes and processes data, writes algorithms using artificial intelligence
  • Ecosystem mechanics allows to model and predict the success of a scientific development
  • As a result of modelling, successful solutions are being developed in a short time


First quarter of 2018

Developing blockchain and interface. Accumulating data array of articles and testing the search system

Second quarter of 2018

Developing, testing and implementation of the subsystem for automated reviewing of scientific articles and text recognition

Third quarter of 2018

Distributed storage of large data arrays based on correction codes. Testing the algorithm of automated summarizing of information materials.

Fourth quarter of 2018

Announcing paid access to data arrays for researchers and writers. Testing new features of the platform

First half of 2019

Partnership with research centres on the commercial basis

End of 2019

Launching an advertising platform for end users. Developing an algorithm for predicting research results based on AI and deep learning


Creating AI products


Shamil Mugattarov


Nikolay Barlev

Chief Scientist

Artur Teregulov


Ilia Vinnikov


Alexandr Lytysov



Oleg Demidov

Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Leader of biotechnology and genetics research groups at the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM U866), University of Burgundy, Dijon, France

Gerry Melino

Professor, Head of the Department of Experimental Medicine and Surgery, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome, 00133, Italy, Scientific Consultant to Chanel International B.V.

Nikolay Putin

Member of the Board of the Russian Creative Union of Cultural Workers

Anastasia Demidova

PhD, INOVARION Company, Head of Life Science Research Department, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Hospital Saint-Antoine, INSERM UMRS 938, Paris, France